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HR Answers hosted workshops and events.

Workplace Civility and Etiquette

Zoom Virtual Event

As we transition to the post-pandemic workplace, fostering a culture of workplace civility and etiquette has never been more crucial.  Are your employees struggling to navigate workplace interactions? Are there […]

Professional Practices: Auditing Oregon Pay Equity

Zoom Virtual Event

In January of 2019, each organization in Oregon was required to have completed significant compensation policy and process reviews as well as correct any total compensation inequities. As mentioned then, […]

Coaching Essentials: People, Purpose, Passion

Zoom Virtual Event

Are you looking to enhance your coaching skills and help your employees achieve their goals? Join our upcoming webinar on Coaching for People, Purpose, and Passion!  In this 3-hour session, […]

C-Suite: How to Influence; How to Wow

Zoom Virtual Event

Are you struggling to get your ideas heard by the C-Suite? Do you want to improve your communication by mastering the art of influencing the C-Suite? Join our program designed […]

Supervisory Short: Motivating Employees

Zoom Virtual Event

Understanding the passions, drivers, and the “what gets me out of bed each day” for your employees is critical! Motivated employees are happy, productive, and incredibly contagious. And we want […]

Onboarding: Jump Start the Employee Experience

Zoom Virtual Event

Employee onboarding plays a vital role in your organization. It helps new employees feel welcome and to familiarize themselves with their jobs, their department and the organization (the goals and […]