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We are a premier Human Resources consulting and staffing firm;  providing solutions, products, and services to support organizations of all industries, sectors,  and any size.  Today the only real competitive advantage is in each organization’s employees.

HR Answers, Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge, proven ideas that have actually been implemented, and an innovative, but practical approach to dealing with all the issues that surround the employment of human beings in the workplace. We ask questions, listen to you, offer ideas/solution options, and then work with you either through consulting or the providing of a specific service to help you remove roadblocks or build pathways to success.

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Oregon OSHA COVID Compliance Rules with Deadlines This Year

On November 6th, 2020 Oregon OSHA issued final temporary rules related to COVID-19. These rules includes multiple compliance dates in December 2020. These rules apply to all Oregon employers. Read more about it here.


Oregon Pay Equity Products


ThPay Equity Buttone next, and most significant portion of the Oregon Equal Pay Law goes into effect on January 1, 2019.  HR Answers, Inc. is offering a variety of products to assist your organization with reaching pay equity compliance.