Retained Services

HR Answers offers a retained service program, called the Advantage Plan. We offer organizations information, support, advice, and resources. It is ideal for organizations that do not have a full time HR person, or where the HR staff may need technical support on compliance or complex issues.

Project Services

If you are running out of time or need specialized expertise, we are here to help.  Project Services can be used, as needed, without a continued commitment.  Our staff are experts at learning where you are and where you want to be, then defining a practical path to success.  

Change Management

Do you see the need for change or are you hearing “that needs to change” frequently, and all you can see is a big blank monitor screen with a tiny blinking cursor that hasn’t moved? Change is not always easy and one step that might help is to categorize your thoughts into the logical steps needed to accomplish change.  Following Kotter’s 8-step model we can help identify the process and steps needed for your best success.

Coaching & Mentoring

Executives, senior managers, teams, or individuals can always benefit from an outside perspective. Regardless of the need, a specific concern, or next steps in a career, we help individuals identify the gap between where they are now, where they want to be, and how to get there.


Salary surveys, base pay programs, incentive systems, salary structures, policy and philosophy development, performance appraisal and merit pay systems, job evaluation, job ranking or grading programs, pay equity, and determination of exempt vs. non-exempt status are parts of compensation that need continued attention. We can provide expertise in design, refinement, and implementation of total compensation systems or segments.


Digesting the mountain of federal, state, and local regulations is time consuming and just about the time you think you have it figured out, something changes.  The potential costs of response to claims, lawsuits, and loss of credibility with employees and customers make this a top priority in most organizations.  Our team is up to date and can work with you to find the practical path to compliant management.     

Employee Surveys

Do you actually know what your employees are thinking? Have you shared your thoughts with them? Employee surveys provide a road map for problem solving, facilitate communication in organizations, address employee relations concerns, and provide a baseline from which change can be made. We can help you develop questions and answers, reports, the roadmap to make change, and the communication necessary for achievements that balance organization capability with employee interests.  

HR Function and Practice Review

Do you ever wonder if you have all that “HR stuff” covered or, if something happens, do you know the process for that? We can help you check by completing a comprehensive review of all human resource activities and materials identifying where standards are met, vulnerabilities exist, and necessary revisions are required.    

General HR Questions

Are you feeling a little, or a lot, out of your depth?  Do you just need a quick sounding board to confirm you are headed in the right direction?  We have the HR answers including compliance and practical application in every aspect of HR including strategic planning, recruitment, employee engagement, employee retention, learning and development, total rewards, the structure of your HR department, organizational effectiveness and development, workforce management, employee and labor relations, diversity and inclusion, health and safety, and the laws and rules that govern it all.


Did an employee just leave your office or have they sent you an email outlining a complaint or a concern about a work situation that makes them uncomfortable and now you are wondering what to do?  We can discuss the situation and help you determine the next steps.  If an objective investigation is needed, we can complete a thorough workplace investigation, on any topic, including assessment of the situation, questions for the parties involved, and documentation and presentation of the findings.

Mediation & Facilitated Discussions

Has the communication between groups or individuals in your organization become difficult or non-existent? Is this distracting them and others from accomplishing work? Mediation or facilitated discussion may be the key to re-gaining productivity and good work relationships.  These processes allow for a safe place where involved parties can share, listen, and gain awareness of each other’s perspective, and make a joint plan to move forward.     

Policy, Process, and Guidelines

How long has the creation or revising of that human resource policy, procedure, or guideline been sitting on your “to-do” list?  Wouldn’t it be nice to check it off the list?  Visit our Resource Guides to purchase up-to-date samples or contact one of our consultants for an estimate. Applications, handbooks, ADA, leave policies and forms, performance management, separation, and much more.    


Attracting, hiring, and onboarding great employees requires a clear vision and sustained attention.  What are you looking for, how do you advertise that, where do you advertise that, how do you ensure Equal Opportunity compliance? Who should be involved in interviews, how many interviews should you have, what questions do you ask the candidate, what questions don’t you ask? When do you do a background check, and how many references are appropriate?  All of these questions and more are important to the success of your recruitment.  We can help with any portion or visit Recruiting and Staffing to see how we can save you time and find the best candidate for you.