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Today the only real competitive advantage is in each organization's employees. HR Answers, Inc. brings a wealth of knowledge, proven ideas that have actually been implemented, and an innovative, but practical approach to dealing with all the issues that surround the employment of human beings in the workplace. We ask questions, listen to you, offer ideas/solution options, and then work with you either through consulting or the providing of a specific service to help you remove roadblocks or build pathways to success.

Ounce of Prevention—HR Risk Management


Ounce of Prevention

Mediation is a process where individuals can talk out problems or conflicts in a safe, supportive environment. It can provide a solution that not only deals with the behaviors being exhibited, but also the underlying work relationships.

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HRA Office Closed

HRA staff will be out of the office on Friday, September 11th....
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UEA Training – First Aid / CPR Training

Registration for this workshop must be done through the United Employers Association...
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HRA Workshop – Beginning Supervision for Success

This workshop is a six-week series that occurs every Thursday from September...
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HRA Open House

Our welcome mat is out, just like before But now we have...
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Judy's Jottings - Bullying - August 18, 2015

August 18, 2015
A recent Blog post regarding Bullying caught my eye.  It described the current conditions about how often it happened and how challenging it was for organizations because “Bullying” didn’t typically...