HR Answers Inc., offers the Advantage Plan, a program of on-going personnel/HR support. This plan is designed to offer organizations information, support, advice and resources. It is ideal for organizations that do not have a full-time human resources person, or where the HR staff may need technical support on compliance or complex issues. The Advantage Plan is offered in 3 tiers, giving each organization the ability to purchase as little or as much HR support they want. Advantage Plan prices vary depending on the number of employees the organization has, this does not include Independent Contractors. All Advantage Plan options (excluding the Hotline Trail) are a 12-month agreement period. For pricing information, please call our office using option #3, and then option, #1, or email us at Ask about how you can get one-month of your Advantage Plan for free!

Advantage Hotline 3-Month Trial:

Try us out! HR Answers, Inc. recognizes organizations are in need of increased assistance during this time. COVID-19 has changed our work in many ways, and we are here to help you navigate the requirements. We understand being able to find accurate and up-to-date information can be difficult. Join the us and the other clients who already have this service and find it beneficial. We are happy to answer your questions round leaves, employment, safety, plans of action, etc. The Advantage Hotline Trial includes 3-months of unlimited phone and email access to our consultants, the monthly Advantage e-Newsletter and HR Alerts. This plan can be purchased online for a one-time flat fee with the following link:  PURCHASE HERE

Advantage Hotline:

Unlimited telephone and email access to HR Answers consultants regarding any HR or employee related question. Access includes any designated manager or supervisor in the enrolled organization.

Advantage Plus:

  • All benefits from the Advantage Hotline plan.
  • Reduced workshop and training prices.
  • 10% hourly discount on consulting project work.
  • Unlimited access to Resource Guides.

Advantage Premium:

  • All benefits from the Advantage Plus plan and one of the following options:

Handbook: Employee handbook review – complete with content edits with comments for consideration.

Salary Surveys: Eight (8) complete salary surveys.

Reference Checks: Five (5) candidate reference checks, includes 3 references per candidate.

Personnel File Audit: Review of up-to 20 of the organizations personnel files for legal compliance. Checklist and final report provided.



Customized programs are also available. Call us at 503-885-9815 or 877-287-4476, and let’s explore the possibilities.

Consulting Project Work Might Include:

  • Salary or incentive compensation design
  • Organizational Development
  • Labor Relations assistance
  • Recruiting assistance
  • HR Practices Review
  • Risk Management with regard to employment law
  • Outplacement assistance
  • Assessment and documentation of harassment, unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, or BOLI claims
  • Salary Surveys
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Mediation
  • Internal Investigations
  • Job Descriptions
  • Training
  • Pay Equity

When to Call HR Answers, Inc.:

Here is a suggested list of situations when calling HR Answers may be appropriate:

  • Creating a new position
  • Making a hiring decision (if unclear, references incomplete, conflicting information, etc.)
  • Issues and circumstances requiring disciplinary action
  • When an employee walks off the job
  • Before any termination
  • When Employment Division approves unemployment payments
  • When a Workers’ Compensation injury or illness occurs
  • Upon receipt of notice for any State or Federal Audit
  • Uncertain about how much to pay a person
  • Employee files any type of legal action, grievance, etc.
  • Employee requests a Leave of Absence
  • Employee is disabled
  • Employee requests exemption to policy
  • Questions regarding current company policies, procedures and corresponding forms
  • Questions regarding new or revised policy or form
  • Prior to benefit plan renewal
  • A conflict exists between employee and supervisor that can’t be resolved
  • Any other time you have a personnel question, concern, issue, or are uneasy about anything occurring in your workplace