Oregon Pay Equity

While pay equity law continue to impact various states in different ways, Oregon continues to have one of the most comprehensive laws in the United States. We have appreciated the creative thinking of our clients and the interest to do what is best for their workforce while balancing the bottom line. HR Answers has been able to answer the pay equity questions for over 500 organizations through online resources, do it yourself toolkits, and one on one consultation. As the past few years have required every organization to prioritize things none of us could have dreamed to be a reality, some organizations find themselves with items from them 2019 “to-do” list on their 2022 list. Others find they are ready for re-review or self-audit, especially during these difficult to recruit times. Whatever the case may be, no worries, we are here to help and commit to keeping you up to date on the various impacts from law and rule changes. Let us know if we can help you put a check in the box next to pay equity for your organization.

Pay Equity Overview

Need a quick refresher on the changes to Oregon’s Equal Pay law? Take a little time to review Laurie’s Oregon Pay Equity Overview on YouTube. 

Do It Yourself Toolkit

Toolkits include: Oregon Pay Equity How-To Manual, Job Characteristic Definitions/Profile System, Pay Equity analysis format, and additional consulting hours. Please note: toolkits should be purchased based on the number of jobs in an organization, not the number of employees. Our How-To Manual and Job Characteristic products can be purchased on their own.


We have multiple highly experienced Senior Consultants who can answer all of your questions and help determine the best steps to reaching Pay Equity compliance for your organization. Please contact us by calling 503-885-9815, option 1.