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HR Answers hosted workshops and events.

HR: Party of One

Zoom Virtual Event

As an HR department of one, you must prioritize your responsibilities for immediate needs like onboarding, payroll administration and terminations, as well as plan around long-term needs like recruiting strategy, […]

Supervisory Short: Delegation

Zoom Virtual Event

All supervisors and managers need to learn to delegate effectively. Delegation is a tool that leverages your time and influence while developing your employees. Delegation happens when you offer an […]

Improving Communication Skills

Zoom Virtual Event

Intentional, clear, and productive communication is a cornerstone of both career and personal success. This is something each of us needs to be able to do daily whether via email, […]

Professional Practices: Coaching Employees

Zoom Virtual Event

Attendees will learn how coaching employees in the workplace can help develop and grow people and the business. As an organization, we want our employees to reach their highest potential, […]

Onboarding: Jump Start the Employee Experience

Zoom Virtual Event

Employee onboarding plays a vital role in your organization. It helps new employees feel welcome and to familiarize themselves with their jobs, their department and the organization (the goals and […]