HR Answers offers a variety of consulting services, each designed to address some particular aspect of the employment relationship. Many organizations outsource some of their HR activities because they know that an objective, fresh look at a process or concern can be invaluable. Other organizations turn to us because they need to finally move a project off the back burner.

HR Answers can furnish a review of current benefit offerings, recommendations of alternatives, development of flexible benefit programs and lifestyle benefits to meet the needs of employees. HR Answers can assist with the costing of benefit plans, creation of specialized benefit systems and review administrative systems and 401(k) designs. HR Answers can also conduct benefit surveys to produce comparisons to the market.

Change Management
Change is not always easy. HR Answers assists organizations by building the capabilities needed for employees to work productively in the new environment, in addition to facilitating the change projects and aiding redesign of current structures, teams, or jobs to reflect the future environment.

HR Answers supports clients by working with executives, senior managers, or teams for more specific effective job performance. HR Answers staff helps individuals identify the gap between where they are now and where they want to be by recognizing “blind spots” and being more self observant.

A range of compensation services are available including: salary surveys, base pay programs, incentive systems, salary structures, policy and philosophy development, performance appraisal and merit pay systems, job evaluation, job ranking or grading programs, and determination of exempt vs. non-exempt status. HR Answers provides expertise from design and refinement to the implementation of total compensation systems.

HR Answers professionals can create systems that allow record keeping and updating to meet legal requirements, for both state and federal regulations including Affirmative Action Plans.

Employee Opinion Surveys
A valuable resource for organizations. There are three important reasons to use an opinion survey. Employee surveys provide a road map for problem solving, facilitate communication in organizations that do not communicate well and provide a baseline from which a firm can benchmark progress. We can conduct a confidential survey for you or assist you with process and question creation.

Employee Relations
Includes quality of work life programs, evaluation systems, conflict resolution, employee assistance plans, team building, counseling techniques and employee opinion surveys.

Employment Related Services
HR Answers can provide recruiting, selection criteria, screening, testing, reference checking and applicant assessment, tracking, and record keeping.

HR Answers expert facilitators are able to work with management teams, functional groups, and company meetings to aid in discussions, idea development, or building new frameworks within the organization.

HR Hotline
A program of ongoing support and advice for all your HR questions.

Human Resource Function and Practice Review
Our HR professionals can prepare a comprehensive review of all personnel activities and materials which identifies areas where organizational response meets standards, possesses vulnerabilities, and requires necessary revisions to meet acceptable levels of compliance and effectiveness.

Internal Investigations
HR Answers provides objective private investigators to perform thorough workplace investigations of employee complaints and grievances including equal employment, racial or sexual harassment, and wrongful discharge.

Labor Relations
Offering contract costing, negotiation, and contract administration.

Mediation / Facilitated Discussions
(Proud to have In-Accord Resolution Services supporting this.)
A process where individuals can talk out problems or conflicts in a safe, supportive environment. It can provide a solution that not only deals with the behaviors being exhibited, but also the underlying work relationships. Unfortunately, conflict arises continually in our workplaces, and now this happens even more because stress in the workplace is increasing. Many employees react to challenging work situations with irrational or overly-emotional responses that are less than helpful. Mediation is not for every conflict situation, but when it is appropriate, it can work wonders. Our consultants can assist with facilitated conversations!

Organizational Development
Assistance with board/management retreat facilitation, management restructuring, corporate downsizing, position design, workflow/productivity measurement, and mission/value statement development. Training on self-directed work teams evolving to the “learning organization” is also available.

Policy And Procedure
HR Answers can create, review, or provide assistance with the preparation of new or existing management manuals, handbooks, HR forms, ADA job descriptions, and job procedures.

Setting an HR Strategy
Human Resource Management practices should be designed to support an organization’s key business priorities. HR Answers’ philosophy is based on the understanding that human resource management provides real added value to the organization. An important element in their process is how an organization translates its mission and goals to the employees in order to reinforce the culture.