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Supervisory Short: Delegation

Zoom Virtual Event

All supervisors and managers need to learn to delegate effectively. Delegation is a tool that leverages your time and influence while developing your employees. Delegation happens when you offer an employee the opportunity to take on a task or project. It’s an offer, not a demand. Effective delegation is a tool by which leaders are […]

Supervisory Short: Effective Meetings

Zoom Virtual Event

Meetings are essential to your organization and have many benefits if used wisely. Unfortunately they can become one of the biggest time wasters. This translates into unwanted costs for the business. Studies have shown that teams squander 90% of their time repeating topics, showing up late, poor attendance, bad agendas, and improper planning. This session […]

Supervisory Short: Building an Effective Team

Zoom Virtual Event

Organizational success often depends on how well people work together. Successful teams and teamwork fuel the accomplishment of the organization’s strategic goals. Organizations need managers who know how to develop and maintain successful work teams. Managers do not know this by osmosis. This program will provide tips and techniques to teach others about how to […]