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COVID-19 and Our Commitment to You

It is hard to believe that our nation has been impacted by the COVID-19 virus for more than a year.  The information, guidelines, considerations, changes, and emotions continue to be a real part of our every day lives.  Our continued commitment is to support your organization through up-to-date information, suggestions, and practical solutions that meet your needs.  The emotions of employees and the realities of each organization’s responsibilities are frequently out of alignment.  And, with that misalignment comes a fear of the unknown for all involved.  Continue to act in good faith, be consistent in decision making, and document.   While the experience of COVID-19 was hoped to be quickly contained, we have come to realize it will be an ongoing process.  Below is a list of links to each of the resources we use in providing guidance.  These are agencies and entities that are responsible for either guidance and recommendations or enforcement of the same.  We encourage you to visit these pages frequently.    

Resource Links