Signs Managers Need Coaching Skills

“I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think” -Socrates
Do these observations or statements sound familiar?

  • Managers distrust teams and often employ tactics like micromanaging employees, controlling freedom, and acting superior.
  • Employees’ performance, productivity, and overall happiness seem to keep declining and harm their, sense of trust, emotional outlook, passion for work, company loyalty, and company advocacy.
  • Managers don’t understand the strength and weaknesses of each individual, preferring instead to approach coaching everyone as if they were on the same level.
  • Coaching sessions are uninteresting and lack engagement because coaching isn’t personalized to their needs and skills.
  • Teams lack basic skills and don’t know how to apply their knowledge.

Perhaps it is time to offer training for managers. One of the focal points for employers in 2023 is Manager engagement and retention. If managers are struggling and frustrated and feel like they are not doing their job well or don’t feel like they have a handle on their staff and how to help their employees meet their performance goals, they need assistance. You or your managers might need to develop focused coaching skills to be confident and competent enough to build and lead a high-performance and autonomous team to success. Manager groups with a strong sense of belonging and which practice accountability have a higher success rate. So, efforts to go beyond training that involve giving them opportunities and places to talk will be vital. Examples might include round tables, retreats, time, and places where they can workshop through a conversation or career pathing ideas for employees while building fellowship and having fun.