HR Answers is your best solution for cost-effectively addressing your special HR needs in the Portland/Vancouver area. We are strongly committed to providing clients with uncompromisingly professional service. Each client can expect the following:

HR Expertise As You Need It

You do not need temporary human resource assistance all the time. But, when you need it, you deserve to have access to qualified HR professionals whom you can trust, and service from a reputable firm that specializes in human resources and backs up its placements with experience, comprehensive knowledge, and state-of-the-art resources.

Quality Candidates

HR Answers provides candidates who have been pre-qualified and carefully screened to assess their abilities and experience to perform a variety of different HR functions. We also provide assurance that references have been checked on all candidates. We have the capability to conduct more extensive background checks as requested.

Access To HR Resources With The Right Answers

The human resource profession is full of complex legal and human issues. Each of our placed employees’ are backed by the full expertise of HR Answers, Inc. Staffed with numerous expert consultants, the ability of this HR placement is increased many times over. Consulting resources and an extensive HR reference library are available to all of our placed employees. AND, this support comes at no additional cost. In other words, it’s free! No question is too tough and no issue unsolvable with this foundation of support.

Manage Your Costs Effectively and Efficiently

Your needs are short-term, but not shortsighted. With us you will have the best professionals available to help you accomplish your project goals.

Value Added

We pride ourselves in exceeding our clients’ expectations. It is not enough that you feel you received a “good value”; we want you to feel your experience resulted in working with an exceptional candidate with the highest quality of professional support and uncompromising commitment and customer service.