Let Us Deliver for You – A Partnership and Customized Approach

HR Answers, Inc. takes a partnership approach in every training presentation that we make with our clients. This approach provides for direct interaction with each client on the presentation’s content, exercises, and format. We feel that you know your management team and employees best, so we want to take advantage of that knowledge to maximize the value that our training provides.

Because our approach is to customize our training deliverables for each client based on their organization’s structure, values, policies, processes, objectives, and needs, we do not have a set list of training sessions or standard format. Instead, our approach is to develop the sessions to fit the organization. However, to demonstrate the scope and depth of our training expertise, and to provide a sampling of training that we’ve developed in the past, a list of training topics can also be found here.

One of the key strengths that we bring to providing training services is that we are “content developers.” Our trainers use their long experience and high degree of expertise to continually develop content that best fits the needs of our clients or matches each particular audience. We update materials regularly to ensure compliance and best practice information is incorporated. We adjust the scope and complexity of each topic to fit the audience, as well as the organization’s objectives with the session. We have presented in both the public and private sectors, in both union and non-union environments, and to management groups ranging from front-line supervisors to high-level operational and executive management.

There are two distinct types of training programs for organizations to consider, based upon their internal objectives. First, there is the skills development program. Many of our programs fit this category. These sessions focus on development of the ability to apply what is being taught. The skills have practical value in the workplace and can be tied to measurable results. Second, there is awareness training that educates participants on specific laws or issues. While this training may involve adding to participant knowledge, these sessions are typically constructed to deal with a particular law or issue being addressed.

The program length is adjusted based on client needs and/or objectives.

Because we customize each of our training programs to fit the client’s needs and objectives, the format materials are flexible. We have found that providing the participants with a handout consisting of the actual PowerPoint presentation, along with specific exercises and support materials, is an effective learning tool. This approach also leaves the participants with a practical and usable reference tool after the session.


  • Session Length: Sessions can run 2 to 8 hours long.
  • Participative: Sessions are highly participative using questions, interactive exercises, and use of real-life based scenarios and case studies.
  • Exercises: Many of our programs use participant exercises to take material from concept to application. Some of our sessions involve problem-solving and/or role playing, as the exercises/activities are adjusted to audience and topic.