Over the last few months many organizations have needed to have employees work remotely.  Keeping employees engaged and feeling part of a team has been an ongoing discussion and challenge for organizations of all sizes. HR professionals and business owners are concerned about employees feeling isolated, disconnected, or even depressed.

We thought we would put together a list of some creative ideas that we have heard from many of our clients and friends as to what they are doing in their workplaces to keep the their culture alive, employee engagement high, and employee involvement moving.

Here are some ideas to get you started:


Videos or Pictures:

  • Ask employees to create videos or take a picture of themselves holding a sign (how they are feeling, where they wish they were, of an emoji, etc.).
  • Schedule Zoom workout sessions or submit videos for others to view later.
  • Identify employees who would like to do magic shows.
  • Host a Zoom dance party.
  • Host a Hidden Talent show – people can upload their videos or do it live.
  • Ask a co-worker to host podcast – healthy eating while quarantined
  • Ask employees to share their workplace.
  • Have a photo contest – house plants, kids, pets (especially great for new coworkers).
  • Show off your creative face mask.
  • Share pictures or videos of homeschooling efforts.

Health and Wellness:

  • Ask someone to lead a medication session.
  • Designate an hour for exercise or have Wellness Wednesday.
  • Have a push up or pull up challenge.
  • Share healthy recipes.
  • Have a Fit Bit or Apple Watch weekly challenge.



  • Make a Zoom Room available 24 hours so people have the ability to check in and out – saying good morning or goodbye for the day as well as check-in with each other throughout the day.
  • Launch a Virtual Graffiti   Post a question and have everyone share their response. “What is your favorite movie?” “Fill in the blank: I wish I was ___________”. “How do you relax?” “What is your favorite vacation destination?”
  • Host an online comedy club. Schedule a Zoom call on the weekend and ask employees to do comedy or just watch.
  • Share links to videos, free classes, free movies, etc.



  • Have a Bingo challenge (you create the words or events or….).
  • Play dice games (during breaks or host an event of “game night” with co-workers).



  • Have virtual happy hour during the last 30 minutes of the day.
  • Host a Spirit Day or Week with theme-related workdays. Don’t forget those Hawaiian shirts, 50’s Day and Pajama Day, etc.)
  • Get creative with Makeover Monday by trying a new hairstyle or new outfit.
  • Have a pet parade or simply share pictures of your pets.
  • Share your playlist.
  • Host a catered lunch! Yes – send your employees lunch or give them gift cards to order lunch and eat at the same time.
  • Create a Book Club
  • Share your hobby with your co-workers.
  • Post a Question of the Day and seek responses: “What did you find on your walk today?”; “List 3 things you are grateful for”; “Share something funny that happened over the weekend”, etc.
  • Exchange cookie recipes and possibly create a company cookbook!
  • Have a meme contest.
  • Harness the power of the emoji! Use them set the stage and the emotion of a meeting a project etc.
  • Walk down memory lane: first car; favorite memory; summer camp romance; high school sports; etc.


Okay! There should be a few ideas you can use to help people feel “connected”. We know this was not an exhaustive list so we ask you to chime in and share with us what you are doing or what you would like to do; the more creative the better!