“Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” -Jack Welch

Skills and techniques are easier to teach, but values, beliefs, and attitudes are much harder to teach—and harder for managers to learn. Yet, these are the underlying issues that will most make managers successful or not.

How important is it to help supervisors to be effective and successful? VERY!! Supervisors and how they manage their staff set the tone for your entire organization. Supervisors are your frontline workers and represent so much of the organization’s reputation. Think about this – the majority of communication about the organization and its activities is funneled through your supervisory individuals.

The role of a supervisor inside an organization is varied. We ask them to role model, we ask them to be the protector (whether that’s legal, compliance, safety, or other) we asked them to handle employees on a day-to-day basis and so much more. Are your supervisors ready for this very large, encompassing, and sometimes ever-changing role in a set of responsibilities?

In a people-oriented, forward-looking organization, you’ll want individuals who exhibit these characteristics:

  • Value people
  • Believe in two-way, frequent effective communication and listening
  • Want to create an Environment in which employees are valued, empowered, creative and so much more
  • Able to hold people accountable and responsible
  • Demonstrate leadership and the ability to set clear expectations and direction, and
  • Believe in the value of collaboration and teamwork

If you are not providing supervisory training on an ongoing basis, (yes, an on-going basis) then they might not be where you want or where you need them to be. If you are not holding program inhouse maybe, we can help. HR Answers offers a Supervisory Success Series (has for over 20 years now) and the next set starts at the end of this month. View the event Series starting January 26th below. Since this program is offered via Zoom, no travel is necessary. Join us or share this resource for tools you can implement to make life easier and be more effective.


Success for Beginning Supervisors, A Series