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Onboarding: Jump Start the Employee Experience

Zoom Virtual Event

Employee onboarding plays a vital role in your organization. It helps new employees feel welcome and to familiarize themselves with their jobs, their department and the organization (the goals and […]

Employee Recognition

Zoom Virtual Event

It is CRITICAL to recognize employees for their contributions and acknowledge their achievements. The way you do that will vary from employee to employee - they are not all the […]

HR Lunch Bunch: Cheers to New Beginnings

Zoom Virtual Event

It is a NEW YEAR!!! An opportunity to look at things differently, to start anew. Let's enter the new year with an open and resilient collective mindset. Let's set the […]

Learning Burst: Getting to Next

Zoom Virtual Event

We spend a lot of time teaching leaders what to do. We don't spend enough time teaching leaders what to stop. “Getting to Next” is focused on getting you to […]

Essential Skills: Managing a Remote Workforce

Zoom Virtual Event

Working remotely might have been a trend or even a perk but now it is a necessity. According to research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) nearly three-fourths […]

Learning Burst: Developing a Growth Mindset

Zoom Virtual Event

Fixed mindsets can hold us back personally and professionally. A growth mindset is the belief that an individual can develop skills and abilities through practice and perseverance (e.g. studying, setting […]