**** ALERT ****

Is your organization in Retail, Hospitality or Food Services? Do you have 500 or more employees? If yes, keep reading!
In two short weeks, July 1, 2018, the Oregon Employee Work Schedules Law will go into effect. This law requires:
  • Written good faith estimates of work schedules,
  • Advance notice of work schedules (at least 7 days until 2020),
  • Processes and notice for changes to work schedules,
  • Additional compensation for work schedule changes (if less than 7 days until 2020),
  • The allowance of voluntary standby lists (not the same as on-call),
  • Requirements for rest between shifts with increased compensation when not provided, and
  • Posting regarding this new compliance regulation.
Additional information and more detail can be found on the BOLI website or by reaching out to Info@HRAnswers.com.