Below is a list Oregon Legislature Bills that will affect HR.  You can find more details on the Oregon State Legislature website

Bill Number

HR Impact Area (Employer & Industry Info)

HB 2257 Leave Protections
Off Duty Conduct Policies
Drug & Controlled Substance Policies
HB 2341 Employee Relations/Compliance
Leave Administration
SB 165 Retirement/Employee Benefits

SB 370 Compliance/Employee Relations

HB 2398 Compensation/Compliance/Recruiting Industry: Gaming/Gambling
All types of employers for reporting; compensation limits for employees only apply to certain employers
HB 2426 Industry: Financial
Employers: Credit Unions
SB 479 Employee Relations/Compliance
Employers: Public Employers
HB 2016 Benefits/Compensation
Employee Relations/Collective Bargaining
Employers: Public Employers
HB 2230 Compliance, Staffing
Industry: Corrections
Employers: Public Employers
SB 423 Recruiting/Pre-employment
Industry: Public Employers
SB 424 Compliance/Handbook
Industry: Public Employers
HB 3077 Employee Relations/ Compliance
Industry: Education
Employers: School districts, ESDs, and public charter schools
SB 455 Compliance
Industry: Construction
SB 726 Employee Relations (Harassment)/Compliance
Industry: All
Employers: All subject to CH 659A (excludes federal gov.)
HB 3009 Employee Relations
Employers: Public Employers
SB 383 Employee Relations
Employers: OR Public Employers
HB 2593 Compliance/Employee Relations
Employers: All employers (except federal)
SB 519 Payroll/Compliance

SB 494 Compliance, Recruiting, Payroll, Compensation
Employers: Public Agencies, Qualified nonprofits for individuals with disabilities, All employers who engage in certain public contracts
HB 2992 Compliance, Talent Acquisition (if handling termination duties)

SB 164 Compliance, Benefits (Retirement), Payroll
All employers
SB 123 Compensation/Compliance
All Oregon employers (excluding Feds)
HB 2589 Compliance
Employers: All employers (except Feds)
HB 2660 Compliance/Talent Acquisition or Employee Relations
Employers: Public employers, some provisions Indian Tribes and nonprofit employers
HB 3120 Compliance
All employers (except feds)
HB 2216 Compliance, Recruiting
Employers: Public universities
HB 2406 Workers’ compensation, compliance
Employers: School Districts
HB 2005 Benefits/Leaves, Payroll
Employers: All Oregon employers except the Feds.  Tribal governments may opt-in.