I-9 form updated a 2nd time in 2017


The new I-9 form was just published. All employers are required to switch to the new form no later than September 17th, 2017.   Please make sure you onboarding processes and practices include this new form.  (Note:  If you are using an onboarding vendor make sure they are using the appropriate form.)

Changes include:

  • The Form I-9 instructions and the list of acceptable documents will be revised to indicate that a foreign entrepreneur can present a foreign passport and Form I-94 indicating entrepreneur parole as proof of identity and work authorization. Under the current version of the form, a foreign passport and I-94 are only acceptable for certain nonimmigrants authorized to work for a specific employer.
  • In addition, the USCIS is also taking the opportunity to add the Department of State (DOS) Form FS-240 Consular Report abroad as a new “List C” document. Employees born overseas to a US citizen parent may possess this document which is issued by the Department of State. The FS-240 has actually been in use for a long time, and so this should be a welcome change to employers.
  • The USCIS is revising the anti-discrimination and privacy act notices on the Form I-9 instructions to reflect the new name of the Department of Justice unit responsible for enforcing I-9 related discrimination claims: “the Immigrant and Employee Rights Section (IER) in the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division.”

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