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With over 36 years of consulting, HR Answers, Inc. is founded on virtues of honesty, credibility, awareness, openness, and creativity.  Our staff collectively bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and practical, tested solutions to ensure outcomes with our clients. We are a firm who is recognized for our expertise, collaboration and our sense of community.  One of our prime directives is to optimize.  This leads the way to creative solutions designed to meet your needs.  We meet our clients where they are.  This means we are not positioned to be the heavy hand; we are there to advise, guide, and coach you through the situations you face every day.  

Consulting Services

Our consulting services are staffed with certified professionals that can assist in the full suite of human resource functions from technical practice to strategic management. Areas of consulting include: Affirmative Action, Coaching, Compensation, Compliance, Employee Opinion Surveys, Employee & Labor Relations, Handbooks, HR Audits, Internal Investigations, Mediation, Organizational Development, Performance Management, and Strategy.

Featured Product

Give your company the HR Advantage by adding our consultants, 150 years of experience, to your back pocket for 2022! We recognize every organization is facing the on-going impact of pandemic regulations and compliance requirements. Enroll now to stay on-top of what’s relevant to you and your business. We are happy to answer your questions around leaves, employment, safety, plans of action, etc. This Advantage Plan trial is a 3-month agreement; service includes unlimited phone and email access to our consultants, the monthly Advantage e-Newsletter, and HR Alerts. Access is provided to any designated manager or supervisor in the enrolled organization. If you are unsure if you already have this service, please reach out to us.

Clients Served

Private Sector