HR Answers Inc., offers the Advantage Plan, a program of on-going personnel/HR support. This plan is designed to offer organizations information, support, advice and resources. It is ideal for small organizations that do not have a full-time human resources person, or where the HR staff may need technical support on compliance or complex issues.

Standard Service includes:

Unlimited telephone and email access to HR Answers consultants regarding any HR or employee related question. Access includes any designated manager or supervisor in the enrolled organization.


  • $250 towards products or services of choice
  • Unlimited access to all HRA Resource Guides (via HRA website) and download capabilities
  • Certificate to one HRA workshop and discounts on all other HRA training workshops (from a $25-$100 value)
  • Monthly Advantage e-newsletter
  • $15 per hour savings on use of the HRA Resource Library
  • 10% discount on any consulting project work

Fee Structure: based on employee count (call us for more info).

Customized programs are also available. Call us at 503-885-9815 or 877-287-4476, and let’s explore the possibilities.

Consulting Project Work Might Include:

  • Salary or incentive compensation design
  • Organizational Development
  • Labor Relations assistance
  • Recruiting assistance
  • HR Practices Review
  • Risk Management with regard to employment law
  • Outplacement assistance
  • Assessment and documentation of harassment, unemployment, Worker’s Compensation, or BOLI claims

When to Call HR Answers, Inc.:

Here is a suggested list of situations when calling HR Answers may be appropriate:

  • Creating a new position
  • Making a hiring decision (if unclear, references incomplete, conflicting information, etc.)
  • Issues and circumstances requiring disciplinary action
  • When an employee walks off the job
  • Before any termination
  • When Employment Division approves unemployment payments
  • When a Workers’ Compensation injury or illness occurs
  • Upon receipt of notice for any State or Federal Audit
  • Uncertain about how much to pay a person
  • Employee files any type of legal action, grievance, etc.
  • Employee requests a Leave of Absence
  • Employee is disabled
  • Employee requests exemption to policy
  • Questions regarding current company policies, procedures and corresponding forms
  • Questions regarding new or revised policy or form
  • Prior to benefit plan renewal
  • A conflict exists between employee and supervisor that can’t be resolved
  • Any other time you have a personnel question, concern, issue, or are uneasy about anything occurring in your workplace
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