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Panelists address essential questions on preventing and mitigating sexual harassment lawsuits in the workplace.

U.S. companies spent nearly $2.2 billion last year on employment practice liability insurance; by 2019, that number could climb to $2.7 billion.

Twenty-First Century Fox’s $90 million settlement last December marked one of the largest payouts ever in a derivative lawsuit. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported nearly 30,000 harassment cases filed in 2016 (also noting the issue is underreported). With these trends, the likelihood of a sexual harassment complaint seems imminent for organizations, and has put company leaders and board members understandably on edge.

To address concerns, Oregon Business partnered with The Partners Group, Tonkon Torp and HR Answers to host a seminar titled, “Employment Practice Liability: Coping with the growing risks of workplace misconduct.” Hosted by Mercy Corps on June 21, the seminar focused on key issues of workplace sexual harassment, such as how to assess risk, steps to handle cases as they arise, and how to protect organizations and boards against lawsuits.

The three panelists were Roxanna Jessen, Account Executive with The Partners Group, who specializes in commercial insurance and employment practice liability; Haley Morrison, partner with Tonkon Torp, who counsels primarily on harassment and discrimination cases; and Laurie Grenya, co-President of HR Answers, who provides Human Resources training and consultations. The panel was moderated by Oregon Business editor, Linda Baker….  Read more here!

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