Do you know that the color of your clothes impacts how you are perceived and your ability to influence others?  We all understand the difference between dressing up and dressing down, and that our choice of garments says a lot about us.  But people may not be aware how much the color of our clothing impacts others.

Our style also affects how people perceive us.  If we are dressed according to the latest fashion, it may be seen as positive or negative.  Positive if the audience is aware of the latest trends, colors, and fashions; or negative if the audience feels that we are superficial and too concerned about how we look instead of how we interact with them.

There are clothes that are referred to as classics.  These are always going to be considered appropriate.  They are never going to be out of style.  They will never result in someone teasing us about being fashion forward or out of date.

But here are a couple of hints – if you want to be seen as credible and trustworthy, wear navy blue.  It is considered the color of integrity.  Often it is suggested that people going to court wear navy blue because the jury is more likely to believe what they say.  And the second hint is brown is the color that conveys solidarity and resilience.  It says you are dependable, just like the UPS driver.

A bonus hint – red is the color that says you want to stand out, that you are not shy, and that you have places to go and work to be done.

You may be thinking about what color suits you best, but others are thinking about what your clothes say about you.